Stress at Work

Anyone can experience stress at work; it isn’t restricted to only those with the most high powered jobs or busiest schedules.

Health and Safety Executive, 2003

Work related stress – what are the causes?

  • Demands of the job – level of workload and impossible deadlines
  • Under-utilisation of skills
  • High uncertainty in workplace – for instance poorly defined roles and targets, lack of job security
  • Conditions of workplace
  • Low interpersonal support
  • Individual susceptibility
  • Factors outside of the workplace

Stress tends to build over time, so no single factor is likely to be the cause of someone becoming stressed at work.

Early intervention is a crucial step in dealing with any stress related problem to prevent it from becoming more serious. It can be really helpful to look out for the following signs and take action should you see them.

Common signs that someone is stressed at work:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Poor performance
  • Poor timekeeping
  • Increased consumption of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or drugs
  • Frequent headaches and backaches
  • Withdrawing from social contact
  • Poor judgement
  • Low energy and constant lethargy
  • Irritability, tearfulness or outbursts

What can Psychological Therapeutic Solutions do to help work related stress?

At Psychological Therapeutic Solutions we offer a tailor made approach to helping an organisation manage any stress at work issues they may have. The most common and often most helpful areas we can help with are:

Embed a sustainable education and management strategy into your organisation to deal with the sources of stress and minimise reoccurrences.
Equipping managers and staff with knowledge regarding the signs of stress can really help prevent problems in the future and encourage a healthy culture. Furthermore, training staff in mental health awareness is a proactive approach to employee wellbeing.

We can also provide therapy sessions which should enable employees to return to work

Business Solutions

When you are trying to introduce a new system you will always come across issues that you think may be impossible to get around. It is important that you realise that your organisation is not the first to undertake the change and may very well not be the first to experience this particular problem.  At Psychological Therapeutic solutions we can help your organisation manage stress within the workplace when during organisational change.

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